Monday, April 2, 2012

(4th - 6th March)

we all came at different timings and took different flights.
bf and i arrived the earliest, and left the latest via bus
(a damn long bus ride which i almost slept throughout but i swear i will opt for a flight in future)
nick and ching came after bf and i and left before bf and i via jetstar.
gek came the latest and left the earliest via silkair.

armed with maps and a trusty GPS, we rented a car and we are good to go.

our 2 drivers.
nice to be driven around for a change.

sunway hotel
old and pretty rundown.
wouldnt recommend.

Batu Ferranghi


we had an early dinner there, and did foot massage

drove over to gurney drive for our 2nd dinner

after gurney drive, we made our way back to our hotel and we had supper!!!
till now i cant believe how much we can eat...

Day 2
Breakfast at the hotel kek lok si temple

Climbing the pagoda is a challenge

asam laksa!!
we spent half a day at kek lok si, and then we continued on our food search.
went to kheng pin cafe, den we had some fish at a restaurant, and went to another hawker for chix rice,
more lor bak and the food list just goes on and on and on....

looking back at this penang trip, i am sure looking forward to a next trip with my fav. ppl.
this time, glenn, pls make yourself available alright?

Friday, March 30, 2012


(Last of US trip 2010)

After an eventful bus ride from new york, lugging our luggage full of shopping loots accross heaps of snow that probably weighed at least 20kg, bus came late and we were left stranded in the snow, bus got into an accident with a taxi and the police came to take every single passenger's details, we finally arrived at boston at almost midnight...

huiyee was so nice to accomodate us...
i swear i was so thankful to have a place to bathe and sleep for the night..
bones were breaking, head was aching..

the next morning, huiyee had to lend gek and i boots cos the snow was starting to melt and these kinda 'phua chu kang' boots would prevent our feet from getting soaked..

thank you so much!!!
much credit goes to you for making our "eventful" trip an enjoyable one..

the roads in boston are much cleaner than those in newyork...

Lunch was at sunset grill.

Love the raspberry beer!!

I love the fries and the drumsticks..

After lunch, huiyee left for an appointment with her classmate, while gek and i begin shopping

Loots for the day!!
Gin, if u are reading this, the bag we got for your birthday was in that red paper bag...

Huiyee picked us up, and we went to TORO for dinner...

But the wait for a table is HORRIBLE!!

the corn, the salami and the bruchetta is awesome!!!!!

the mains were fantastic as well!!!

the way people in the states drink and party is so different from clubs here..
everyone is so friendly.
they even forced us to drink with them.

the next morning, lunch was at neptune.
this is a must visit place if you love oysters

i remember having a really bad stomach cramp.
all i had was the lobster sandwich and 2 oysters..

totally totally totally regreting and blaming my stomach for making me miss out on such good food..

look at gek's expression..

after lunch, we went to abercrombie and fitch to get some stuff and bought cookies, just in case i got hungry before dinner.
i was so touched how gek and huiyee took care of me that day..
super mega love...

boston - lobster
singapore - merlion

i cant remember when was this pic taken.
but i have to post this pic up cos its so funny!!!

The best of boston was not only because of the food and the shopping.
Its because of you!!


i hope to start blogging more frequently again =)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

-DAY 8-
simple day with no agenda.
but i still enjoyed every second of it...

Room Service Breakfast!!
had such a heavy breakfast that it lasted us throughout the day...

snow aftermath


left a mark on the snow...
as much as it totally ruined my vegas trip, i still love snow...

6 feet tall snow...

even chanel was frozen..

chanel boots...

gek still had things to buy despite going to sixth ave so many times...

dinner was at a thai restaurant near our previous hotel...

since my nose and cheeks were so red, i am the reindeer
and gek can be the santa claus...

the tom yam soup which tasted so good in such cold weather...

my must have soft shell crab...

gek's must have green curry...

and fried rice..
i think this was the first meal with rice since we set foot in US...